I am Igor,

a Video Producer

and Trilingual Speaker – English, German, Slovak

and I operate my custom video business specialized in online and social media video production.

Located in both Vienna and Bratislava, I create video content for the internet. By pairing my complex knowledge of the entire video production pipeline with a team of talented freelance video artists, I realize video projects of virtually any size from conception to upload.

Video Creation Services

– Corporate Image Videos

– Talking Head Video Interviews

– Talkshow Production

– Corporate Event Videography

– Drone Video- and Photography

– 360 Video Tour

– Social Media Video Strategy Formulation

– Social Media Video Strategy Consulting

– Video Production Consulting

– Video Equipment/Studio Consulting

– YouTube Strategy Consulting

Personal Video Journey

Since the age of 15 making videos has been something I was passionate about. For 9 years it has been evolving from editing phone videos on my Sony Ericsson  to slideshows for my family, over growing my gaming YouTube channel to around 300 returning subscribers which transitioned into creating fun little GoPro videos with friends. That quickly imploded into a freelance video career focused on custom tailored media.